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Practical Entrepreneurship education delivered in bite-sized video lessons

Practical Entrepreneurship is our flagship suite of courses, aimed at individuals that want to learn how to become effective entrepreneurs.

We believe that entrepreneurship is not only a career opportunity but also a vital career skill. Our courses are aimed both at those seeking to start a business and those seeking to become more desirable employees.

Our courses teach learners how to develop, evaluate and implement their business ideas, with a focus on teaching practical skills that can be used in the real world.

Designing A Business Model

A business model describes the different parts of a business and how they fit together so that a business can create value and ultimately, make money. A business model expresses the rationale behind a business idea and can be used to direct its development and implementation.

In this unit learners are taught how to create a business model for a new business idea using a five-stage process. They will learn about the different parts of a business and how they relate to each other. They will learn how to use popular tools such as the ‘Business Model Canvas’.

On completion of the unit, learners will have created a complete business model and articulated the critical assumptions that under pin it. This provides a starting point for further development of the business idea.

Evaluating A Business Idea

Before embarking on a new venture, an entrepreneur should evaluate their ideas by talking to potential customers and analysing their likely competitors.

Although most entrepreneurs undertake some kind of ‘market research’, this is often undermined by ‘confirmation bias’. This means that the entrepreneur will merely seek to validate their existing idea rather than understand what their target customer really wants.

This course teaches learners how to identify potential customers, ask appropriate questions and interpret the answers they are given. In addition they will learn how to analyse the competitive landscape and adjust their business model based on what they discover.

Testing A Business Idea

Traditionally entrepreneurs would create ‘business plans’ to articulate how they were going to implement their ideas. However great business opportunities are not planned – they are discovered.

This course teaches learners how to design tests for their business ideas – using minimal time and resources. They will also learn what to measure during the test and how to interpret the results, so they can improve their ideas.

Forecasting Costs & Revenue

Although it’s vital that an entrepreneur creates a product or service that customers love, at some point they need to focus on the numbers.

This course teaches learners how to estimate the costs their business will face and the revenue they could generate. This culminates in the creation of a one-year cashflow forecast.

Entrepreneurial Career Development

Even if you don’t plan to start a business – it pays to think like an entrepreneur. Employers want to hire people that can help them to seize new opportunities and traditional career ‘ladders’ are no longer certain.

This course teaches learners how to get ahead in their career by developing a network and ensuring their ongoing professional development.

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